Kevin Solves.

Hi all, Do you own your own business?

Want to start a new venture?

Is your business growing but not fast enough or is it not growing at all?

Many times we have the right answers on hand but hesitate to take the next steps. Is it really the right step? What if something goes wrong? You are probably a specialist in your field but may appreciate a second opinion or directional guidance on potential next steps. I would love to help and I am not charging a dime for it, nor do I plan to do so in the near future. Over the past 7 years, I built a very successful business that generated over $12M in very profitable sales in 2019 alone. Things that I can really assist with all related to Decision Making: Starting a Business Taking your Side Hustle from side to more permanent Creative Business Development/Pivoting in this environment COVID forced me to pause many of my endeavors. While not under financial pressure, I want to pay it forward and use this time to help others while extending my network (with you) and broadening my perspective on various fields of business. In short: While I can immediately help you with your business specific decisions, I will learn from the process that will help me generate transferable ideas for my future business decisions, too. As this is a free offer without any obligations from your side, please contact me via PM or email at kevin@kevinsolves.com if you’d like my help or simply want a second opinion or talk through ideas/ decisions. I am here to listen or if you want, critically challenge your thoughts. Cheers,